A complementary benefit is the multiethnic maintenance of all the swimming pool installations, in the form of a total guarantee, as set out below.

our services

equipment review

For us it is very important to check and verify the proper functioning of all equipment in the pool.


We brush the walls and the bottom of the pool in each service to avoid dirt and algae that may arise.

Cleaning pool tiles

We clean the dirt and grease from the tiles at every visit.

Leak Detection

Structural leaks are the most problematic as they affect the vessel and are much more complicated to detect.

we check the chemical levels

For us it is very important to check the levels of chlorine and pH in the pool also check the levels of calcium alkalinity and stabilizer, everything is very important to have an excellent and clean pool.


It is necessary to emphasize that the time of filtration of the swimming pool must be proportional to the existing temperature, a good filtration helps us to eliminate the existing solid impurities, we take very much in account a good filtration is why our technicians do the wash of the same one every 15 days.


This equipment that we have a battery powered vacuum cleaner allows us to do our job with excellence since it gives us the possibility to collect all the leaves and other waste that exists at the bottom of the pool.


The maintenance of the swimming pool is very important, that is why through the instruments that we have to be able to make this type of cleaning ns gives the possibility to collect the leaves and insects that exist in the surface of the water of the swimming pool and thus we can enjoy a clean water.