Pool Cleaning

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Frequent maintenance will ensure that the water is always clean, healthy and crystal clear. Ready to enjoy.

Pool Service

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We have the capacity to provide the service as immediately as our regular customers require it. We work in order to cover all the expectations that our offers offer.

The Best Pool Cleaning Service in all Miami Florida


What we offer

The most economical proposals. The sum of our experience and commitment, achieves a quality of excellence in our pool services in miami, we always offer a result far superior to the demands of our customers.

Suitable to your interests. We readjust our company’s costs and always offer the highest quality attention. We have a high standard with great acceptance in our work, we give a maintenance of a specialized category.


We return the hygiene to the water, filters and skimmers, we eliminate bacteria, fungi and microorganisms, regulating the active chlorine and acidity level.

Blue Diamond Pool Service Experts

You can be our Client

Blue Diamond pool service. It offers you the most reliable, safe and exceptional service in all of Miami Florida. Our technicians are highly trained, we operate with the most modern equipment in the field of pool cleaning services, we cover all services with a wide range of products. Our services range from simple cleaning and maintenance to the repair of any equipment in your pool.

  • Ph and chlorine regulations
  • Brushed and de-scaled
  • Filter cleaning
  • Extraction of sedimentation
We balance the ph and chlorine levels
We extract the sediment
We clean the filters with a frequency of 15 days
We collect the foreign materials on the surface.
Cleaning the pool tiles

Leak Detection


Blue Diamond Pool Service,

We offer you a personalized benefit and an excellent pool cleaning service  in all Miami Florida, we have a team of specialized technicians with a high experience in swimming pool maintenance and repair.
We keep an eye on all your pool equipment and any problem that exists we contact you as soon as possible to give you an immediate solution
We also have certified companies to solve any remodeling problem in both the equipment and the diamond brite remodeling and we can recommend them
It is the pool cleaning service you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us if you need a pool service with effectiveness and excellence, you can contact us by emailing WhatsApp or you can call us at 
786 914 8230


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Very good company. Excellent work!
Congratulations to your team for the exquisite work they do!
It is a company that provides an excellent service, it is fast, safe and active